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Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent

Are you a newly licensed real estate agent? Fresh out of school and ready to work? School doesn't prepare you for what it takes to be a successful real estate agent so if you don't join a team, you may find the first month overwhelming. Here is a list of tips to help you plan your first year:

The Basics

  1. Choose your broker (wisely!). Learn about their training, mentoring, technology and fee structure. Make sure it is a good fit with your goals.

  2. Write a bio that emphasizes your background, values and skills that translate to being a real estate agent. Focus on the benefits of working with you. Post it everywhere!!! Your social media pages,, Zillow, etc.

  3. Order business cards.

  4. Subscribe to MLS and the Supra Key.

  5. Get basic professional photos.

  6. Create a spreadsheet of everyone you have an email, phone number or mailing address for. This is your Sphere of Influence. Separate this list into groups based on how well you know them. Create a marketing plan for each group.

  7. Buy a domain name and set up an email using that domain name (Microsoft or Google Suite). Use only this email your entire career. It allows you to move between brokerages without ever losing touch with former clients. **If you use the email provided by your broker, you lose it the moment you leave and any former clients that attempt to email you will not reach you.

Announce Your New Career

  1. Message: You are now in real estate, loving it and are here to assist them and anyone they know.

  2. Post a video on all social media pages.

  3. Draft an email and send it to everyone you know.

  4. Call people you have solid connections to.

  5. Create a schedule of regular marketing efforts on each channel.

Get a Mentor

  1. Typically you will pay a % of your deals to a mentor for the duration of your agreed upon mentorship.

  2. Invaluable!! Get hands on training, advice, essential training, leads and so much more.

  3. If mentoring isn't available to you, join a team that offers mentoring.

Understand the Market

  1. Show yourself a few homes. Set up showings, test your eKey and open some lockboxes. Get comfortable with the process and get a feel for homes, prices and inventory.

  2. Pick a neighborhood a day to learn more about. Drive by all the homes in that area for sale. Notice important aspects such as proximity to businesses, parks, trails and highways. Learn the school districts in the area.

  3. Learn how to run real estate reports. Understand market conditions. Share some of your new knowledge on social media.

  4. Offer free home valuation reports to your friends. It's great practice and one might want to sell with you.


  1. Host open houses every weekend, 2 a day if possible. Email everyone in your brokerage and let them know you are available. Promote any you get. Be sure to follow up with the listing agent after with a report of attendees.

  2. Offer to show homes for other agents. Busy agents will gladly pay you a fee to help them.

  3. Shadow another agent on a listing appointment or buyer consult.

  4. Sign up for online Masterminds, attend local events and meet as many people as you can.

Do Your Homework

  1. Take a class or watch a YouTube video hosted by your MLS to learn how to search for homes, pull comparables, use the portal and create alerts.

  2. Listen to experienced agents on podcasts or webinars.

  3. Practice filling out all of the contracts for a buyer and purchase agreement. Know them inside and out so you can guide clients and sound knowledgable.

  4. Attend new agent orientations and events.

Plan for the Future

  1. Draft a business plan, even if it's just a one pager.

  2. Set goals every week and stay on track.

  3. Learn how to use the broker's CRM and decide whether to use it or pay for one separately. A CRM is essential to managing your business as you grow. The best CRM is the on you use every day!

  4. Consider building out a website for lead capture. You can DIY on or pay someone to build it for you.

If you have any questions about any of these tips or have questions we have no answered, please reach out! We love to help new agents avoid the mistakes we made.

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