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What the H*LL is that Home??

Have you ever wondered what makes a Mid Century Modern, modern?

Or what the difference is between a Mickelson Colonial and a Spanish Colonial?

This is a new series of blog posts that will explore different architectural styles, and what makes them unique.

And what a better way to kick off this series than to start with my favorite architectural style:


What makes a home MCM?

For starters, let’s define the Mid Century. This time period is often debated. It is often said to span from 1933-1969, or more narrowly from 1947-1957. This post-war era is known for innovative design, and clean modern lines in graphic design, appliance and furniture design, and of course architecture.

When it comes to a home, some of the most telltale signs of MCM are the large windows, flat roofs, simple lines, and lots of well-crafted wood details.

The home featured above is a great example of MCM design. The geometric lines of the house are regular and rigorous. · Large windows. Sliding-glass doors and other expansive panes of glass. The large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors on either side of the room are a classic MCM feature, as this design style works to integrate the outdoors with the indoors.

Well known MCM architects include Ludwig Mies van der Rohe , Walter Gropius , Alvar Alto, and of course Frank Lloyd Wright. All of which have their own styles. *personal realtor gripe: saying all MCM homes are “inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, odds are they’re not, his style was VERY specific*.

Another design detail that is often seen throughout MCM homes is tile and hardwood on walls and ceilings. The warm woods and cool tile blend together seamlessly to create surprising warmth and balance, like in the space seen above.

When updating a MCM home, it is important to take these details into account. Choose flat paneled cabinetry over a shaker style. Go with refinishing the woodwork over painting it. These choices will help maintain the integrity of the original design, while updating the space for today.

Although MCM design and style have seen an increase in popularity recently, this design is so clean and simple, it is hard to think it will ever not be timeless!

Have an architectural style you want to learn more about? Email us! Happy to teach you What the H*LL that Home is next month!

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