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Beware of Joining eXp

I’m going to be honest. For some people, joining eXp can be a disaster. It can go really, terribly wrong. But it can also go really terribly right. In this post, I’m going to cover the two things that really matter when you’re joining eXp that make the difference between having a great time and a terrible one.

The eXp Difference

With most brokerage models, the agents are selling houses. The agents are paying broker fees up to the brokerage and the brokers then pay middle managers, branch managers, owners, regional managers, vice presidents, whoever they pay for advertising, and a variety of other costs. That’s how the traditional model works. With eXp, it’s different. When you’re dealing with eXp half the money goes to eXp and the other half goes to the agents who recruited people to eXp. There’s a profit share, so you get paid when someone on your team makes money.

So, the two things you need to consider when joining eXp are:

  1. The Person Who Sponsors You

  2. How Good of A Recruiter You Are

The Person Who Sponsors You

Who the person is that sponsors you is the most critical decision you’re ever going to make when it comes to joining eXp. You want to be on a team of people who sell a lot of houses. When you join a team of people who are killing it, you’re all going to make a lot more money. Alex would be happy to elaborate on his sponsor research and how agents have fared after being recruited by various sponsors. Feel free to give him a call at 612.242.9318 or reach out at He's happy to share the knowledge!

Know How to Recruit

Since eXp allows you to make a passive income whenever someone you recruit makes a sale, being good at recruiting, and having access to other people who are really good at recruiting is key. You can make a lot of money with revenue share, enough to replace your real estate income and more. The more top sellers you have on your team the better, and the better your team is at recruiting, the better you all will do. eXp also gives you shares of stock. Everytime you sell a certain amount you get shares. When you close twenty transactions after hitting your $16,000 commission cap you receive $16,000 worth of free stock. You also earn stock each time you recruit someone new to eXp.

One of My Favorite Things About eXp

One of my absolute favorite things about eXp is all the successful people I’m exposed to and have the chance to learn from. Being surrounded by other successful people helps push you to even greater heights. From the eXp community, our weekly masterminds, Facebook groups, group chats, and more, I’ve received resources and learned new techniques and systems that I’ve been able to implement and scale to great results. Masterminds are one of my favorite parts about eXp. eXp hosts a few big events each year, but with my group at eXp we also have weekly masterminds. 350-400 top producing agents and team leaders from across the company attend to brainstorm current roadblocks people are experiencing and offer solutions, information and resources. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel! It’s thanks to these masterminds that I learned about HighNote and a new splits model that’s helping us scale. When you’re in a room with people better than you it gives you the opportunity and the chance to grow.

I’d love to help you be successful

I’d love to help you be successful. If you’re interested in eXp, give me a call at 612-568-7121 or reach out at I hope this helps you make the right choice on the big decision.

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