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Eye-Catching Backdrops for Virtual Calls

Virtual interior decorating can instantly transport you to a design-savvy home for your next call. Try these tips to up your game.

In the world of virtual calls for business, happy hours and everything in between, the only thing more important than your face is a pleasing backdrop. Vibrant color, great lighting and plants do wonders for interiors and can be helpful shortcuts for creating an impressive virtual interior.

Lighting is everything. It eliminates unwanted shadows that can skew facial expressions and it minimizes distractions. Ideally, sit facing a window. Lighting that is behind you will negatively impact the quality of video by creating a harsh silhouette. Natural light is best, it makes your skin tone more accurate. If you don't have natural light, place soft white lamps around you to create the right ambience or purchase an inexpensive halo light you can clip to your monitor or stand next to it.

If you prefer a virtual background and are choosing from your own photos, keep it simple. No more than 3 colors or one saturated color. If you don't have your own photo, click HERE for a link to 15 gorgeous backdrops you can upload for your next call. Enjoy!

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